SoJo has several technical consultants, who can assist your business in strategic vision, architecture design, strategic plan, the implementation plan, and staffing to achieve your goals and objectives

Your strategic plan will incorporate the rate-of-change your company can handle, ensure financial planning for all projects, implement policies and procedures to manage the long-term effectiveness of your IT environment, and ensure innovativeness remains paramount with leading-edge technologies

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) - SoJo can provide organizations wanting to take control of their services, delivered to customers using information technology.  Our services are the following:

Continual Service Improvement

The primary purpose of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is to continually align and re-align your IT services to the changing business needs, by identifying and implementing improvements to IT services which support business processes.  SoJo assist you in recognizing the ways to improve process effectiveness, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

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